The Boy Was R*ped

I want to start with stating that that 13 year old boy was indeed sexually assaulted aka sex with a minor. The truth is, boys are secretly being sexually assaulted and most cases never come to light. I’ve heard stories…

I want to start with stating that that 13 year old boy was indeed sexually assaulted aka sex with a minor. The truth is, boys are secretly being sexually assaulted and most cases never come to light. I’ve heard stories of boys’ sexual debuts being with maids, female relatives, the mother’s friends and teachers. This is why I’m never leaving my kids with anyone until they can properly communicate. No one can be trusted.

This is rape,
For so many reasons,
First of all he’s 13!
He also changed his mind,
She barged into the house by force,
He again withdrew consent after he realised what he was doing was wrong,
She forced him.
So it’s statutory rape but also rape coz consent.#ZanupfMustGo

— Thandekile Moyo (@Mamoxn) February 26, 2021

A few things had me wondering about this whole story about the minor who was sexually assaulted by a sex worker.

We’re in trouble

When I was young, the boys would pass around adult films on DVDs. Now, the kids have unlimited access to them on their smartphones. Some parents won’t even supervise what the kids are getting up to on those smartphones. If you can’t check your ZOL data usage at least check browser history. It might be wiped but check anyway. No one was worried when the stats came out on how Zim’s internet usage is predominantly on adult film websites. Look now. Kids in Grade 1 can now work Teams, a 13 year old boy was able to find, hire and get a cab for a sex worker to come to his parents’ house. Are you supervising what your kids get up to on their phones?

When I mean boys can’t consent to sex with an adult woman, I mean all sexual contact. Kissing, touching genitals, breasts, masturbation, watching pornography, all of that shit is considered child sexual abuse. And we need to protect our boys as we protect our girls.

— Kenyette Tisha Barnes (@LegisEmpress) May 13, 2020

Honestly, a lot of y’all boys got raped by older women when you were younger and thought y’all lost your virginity. No sir, you were raped. It was coercion.

— alright you white motherfuckers all eyes on me (@WSBIMMI) June 2, 2020

Where were the parents?

If this boy was alone with his siblings, where were the parents? Why was there no adult? He is only 13. What did he know about his parents’ absence that made him confidently sure that they would be able to do an all-nighter with the sex worker he had hired? Where did he get the money for the sex worker’s cab fare? How much had he budgeted to spend on her?

Money buys you time. The more of it you have the more long term you can think. Don’t judge people too harshly for making desperate / short-term moves for survival.

— Mashudu Modau (@Mashstartup) March 2, 2021

Are we throwing money at the problem?

I grew up with rich kids whose parents were absent but sent money regularly. It’s almost like the parents are never there because they have to be at work for that money. Thing is, you will work long hours to make money but miss all the things that your kid needs from you like attention, guidance and instilling values and morals. The rich kids with absent parents would be wildin’ out in school. Just all over the place with the money to afford all kinds of chicanery. Money can’t replace you as a parent in a child’s life.

An erection is not evidence of consent!
Usually men who have not assented to sexual activity will get an erection if stimulated, it’s not always voluntary and that’s why it may be difficult to report sexual assault.
They feel ashamed.
Yes, a man can be raped.

— Ghengis Karen?‍♂️ (@bana_nanikaneh) April 21, 2021

He withdrew consent

At which point, he should have been let off the hook. He is mentioned to have refused twice but after coming all that way, I guess the lady could already smell the money. Now, we don’t know why he withdrew consent, could it be that he realised that he didn’t have the money? It’s not mentioned how much he actually had. It just says his total bill was US$120. When people say no, please don’t complicate your life by trying to convince them otherwise. I’d like to believe that, if she had allowed him to change his mind at the gate, she wouldn’t be in this whole debacle.

Boy, 13, sedated siblings to enjoy sex with hooker, then failed to settle US$120 bill

— ZimLive (@zimlive) February 26, 2021

Siblings were drugged

When I was in high school, a girl from my school decided to drug her mom and granny so that she could sneak out to a party. The drama started when the granny started having side effects from the sedative she had used. Something about it clashing with her other meds. Just a funny story if you think drugging people is child’s play. Anyway, how old were the drugged siblings? Are sleeping tablets an over-the-counter medication? If they are kids what are the possible arising issues? If they are older, they will never accept food or drink from their brother ever again. So messy.

I’m done following this case but what I will say is, people are hungry out there. This has disturbed many aspects of our lives. I can’t help but think that if the situation was better, some of the stories like this could have been avoided.

A lot of men were groomed at a young age by much older women and some were even r*ped however because society tells young men that if an older woman is into you, you’ve got game, they overlook the abuse and think it’s ok. It’s sickening and these women need to be put in jail.

— Kim (@thekimberlymoyo) April 7, 2020

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